Extremely Versatile, as featured and

 &background actor!!

Paul Redfern is 46yrs of age and Im currently involved in acting ,presenting and background for various film ,DVD and Television productions.Also Author of the book (Actor/Extra A handbook to getting there)

Paul is based in Both North Nottinghamshire and Milton Keynes .This gives him much greater flexibility for prospective work.

He`s appeared in a Bollywood movie "Honour Killings"as a "Court Barrister" and wedding scenes as a guest.
Can be seen in the Gordon Ramsey "Bamix" commercial for TVs shopping channel "Pitchworld TV", and current Natwest Charter ad.
Paul has worked with actors such as "Simon Pegg" ,"Andy serkis" in such likes as "John Landis`s" film "Burke & Hare 2010","Harry Potter`s Deathly Hallows"and currently Martin Scorsese`s "The Invention Of Hugo Cabret"
Also has done presenting for DVD, and also has done live radio music and banter broadcasting shows (See Radio shows link).
He likes to work with local producers ,such as "John.J.Steemson","Simon Lea" on low budget DVD projects like "Mortifera"which he often find gives opportunity for great expression. He plays the "President of the United States of America in this production",and Dr Connors in Simon Lea`s short film "1818"
He loves comedy, and has a natural flare for this type of role .and hoping to be cast for some comedy roles for the future.
Paul is also experienced ,working on large productions and is available for background direction work.This is extremely beneficial to directors who wish to ensure that the very best is obtained from background SA /extras etc.Paul has learned only from the very best 1st , 2nd A.Ds to the likes of Martin Scorsese and John Landis and more.So if you wish to create a film background that will have absolute realism from background artistes then Paul Redfern is your man.

You can follow Paul on Twitter ( @Celebritypaul )

 Available for all types of media ,Television work.Presenting acting,background,S/A

production & lead role.

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