About Paul

Paul Redfern
As a Support Artiste and Actor
has been in acting for about 3yrs ,during this period he`s managed to get himself on the shopping channels and in various feature films such as "Honour Killings "featuring "Gulshan Grover" , "Burke and Hare" featuring "Simon Pegg ,Andy Sirkis" etc , "Harry Potter 2 "Deathly Hallows".And currently playing a French Businessman in Martin Scorsese`s Huge 3D production"The Invention Of Hugo Cabret" And played "lead speaking roles" such as "President of USA" in film for DVD "Mortifera",and Dr Connor in Simon Lea`s short film "1818", He`s done sample presenting for a retired miners project for DVD,Played a featured role as a Vicar in the 2011Bollywood production "TMK"...
All this, struggling with nothing and little funds.
No Fancy diplomas and Schooling.
And yet.
He has a natural ability  to mimic  character type and accent to perfection.
Paul is currently Co-Producing his own supernatural horror film directed by John J.Steemson "Maneater"
Mostly Support and background work ,but "has presented" and "Has taken lead roles" along side "Recognised artistes"
He has the potential to be  a unique  future actor   just  waiting   for the right director to take advantage of his unique ability to become  just about "anyone" !!.
Paul is living evidence that fabulous natural actors are out there (Schooled or Not).
Paul has now spent many months working and learning from the very best 1st and 2nd A.Ds to such likes as Martin Scorsese and John Landis on huge productions, and as such is available to help direct film background to achieve the absolute best from S.A`s and extras.This will help produce the most realistic setting for your movies.
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